Lawsuit Filed: NAACP v Trump Administration


I’m sure you’ve seen the news, From Charlottesville to DACA to the NFL, telling lies about people of color is Trump’s sport. He has repeatedly made it clear that he has no appreciation for the contributions of others.

That’s why we’ve filed a lawsuit against President Trump and his administration to stop them from fully rescinding the protections of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program—and completely upending the lives of young, undocumented immigrants of color.

We need your support to help our legal team see this case through.

800,000 young immigrants — productive, valued people of color in our communities — are currently living in fear of prosecution and deportation. Many Dreamers have grown up knowing America as their only home. But now, their education and livelihoods are at risk. This is not the American way. This is unacceptable. 

By implementing DACA, the United States made a promise: In exchange for providing the government with extensive information about themselves and their families, these young immigrants received assurance that they could build lives for themselves in the United States without fear.

Please help us ensure that our country hasn’t broken its promise. Donate to support the NAACP’s fight against the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda:

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Thank you for standing with the NAACP and Dreamers,

Interim President and CEO